Boulder BioScience, LLC

Boulder BioScience, LLC, is a privately held biotech firm that has developed an immune modulating, anti-inflammatory API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). New discovery and data show that the API intervenes with the inflammatory and thrombotic consequences of Covid 19 infection. Boulder BioScience is seeking to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to introduce its API into clinical trials for Covid 19. Issued and pending patents protect bioavailability-enhancing formulation technology for the API. The patented drug product candidate has passed pre-clinical safety evaluation and is positioned for entry into clinical trials designed to further evaluate safety and efficacy in patients with Covid-19.

The Boulder BioScience drug candidate provides an orally active, small molecule API with clinically relevant bioavailability. The API is an immune modulator that has already completed extensive pre-clinical safety evaluation and early clinical development. The drug candidate has a unique mechanism of action to control unwanted, inflammatory immune system damage to the host. The API provides well-established immune modulating, anti-thrombotic, and tissue protective activity relevant to the treatment of Covid 19.  For further information, please email [email protected].