Boulder BioScience, LLC is a privately held biotech firm developing drug candidates for unmet needs.

Boulder BioScience has developed two small molecule drug product candidates, each patented based on novel lipid-based formulation technology. BR9001 provides its API in a liquid, self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) for oral use. BR4044 provides the poorly soluble API in a liquid premix formulation which spontaneously forms a nanoscale emulsion upon dilution for intravenous use. Both BR9001 and BR4044 are active as pleiotropic anti-inflammatory drugs providing neuroprotection in treating acute brain injury. Preclinical development is directed to the indications of acute ischemic stroke (AIS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and mild to severe Concussion. Lead Indications for BR9001 and BR4044

Mechanistically, oral BR9001 and intravenous BR4044 arrest thrombus formation and inhibit the acquisition of fibrin in occluding thrombi. Both are supported by translational studies in AIS.  BR4044 administered following TBI protects the Blood Brain Barrier, prevents Cerebral Edema, minimizes Brain Contusion formation, and leads to improved neurocognitive outcome as demonstrated in a rigorous translational model.

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