Intellectual Property

The Boulder Bioscience oral drug product candidate (BR9001) is protected by two issued US patents with additional pending international patents. The issued patents run through 2035. In addition, Boulder BioScience has recently filed an additional patent covering new uses of the API in Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) and a new intravenous drug product (BR4044) for treatment of AIS and use in conjunction with endovascular therapy and thrombectomy. The recently filed patent will run through 2040. The recent patent application claims highly relevant API activity for neuroprotection and inhibition of brain damaging neutrophil activation and NETosis in AIS. Inventors, Dr. Michael Zeligs and Dr. Irwin Jacobs, have worked together for over 20 years initiating the GMP production and clinical evaluation of the API. This collaboration has resulted in multiple generations of patented formulation technology for the current API and for similar, poorly soluble APIs, which increase bioavailability and enable therapeutic uses. Contact Boulder BioScience, LLC, for access to the relevant issued and pending Patent Portfolio documents – email: [email protected].